International Women’s Day March 8th, 2023 – By: Clarita

V2. 2023 International Women's Day

This global holiday has celebrated women’s historical, cultural, and political achievements since 1977. Why is this important?

Women have been organizing and fighting for equal rights since Emmeline Pankhurst led the Suffragette movement in the early 1900s. Women wanted the right to vote and their voices heard, so our sisters from that era paved the way for us. They marched, created political art, debated, and pushed propaganda about their agenda. More than one hundred years have passed since then, and most would agree that we have made a significant crack in the glass ceiling. We can even say, “we’ve come a long way, baby;” however, there is still a long way to go.

Although the entire month of March is a celebration of women who have and are shaping world history, March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to appreciate and support the women in our lives. Do you know how you can do that? First of all, as women, we must lift each other, rejoice and praise each other’s achievements, lend a helping hand when needed, and continue the work of our earlier sisters. The simplest thing can put a smile on a woman’s face. If you have a mother, sister, or daughter, say a kind word, hug her, or surprise her with a massage; I guarantee she will appreciate the gesture.

Why do I suggest a massage? Because a soothing massage feels rewarding, it calms the mind and improves your health. Massage can help you maintain a strong, healthy body, so honor that remarkable woman in your life by giving her a gift that keeps on giving, one that extends the joy and beauty of her life.

Here’s a list of benefits one receives from massage:

  1. A professional therapeutic massage helps stimulate the vascular system, the system in charge of circulating oxygen and nutrients to your brain, tissues, and bones.
  2. Increasing blood circulation throughout your system can elevate oxygen levels. According to human biologist Gary Brecka, scientific evidence proves that the more oxygen we find in our blood, the less we find disease in the body.
  3. Massage helps with insomnia. You will sleep better if your body’s circulatory system works correctly and optimizes your oxygen levels.
  4. Massage is a great pain reliever because it releases muscle and joint stiffness.
  5. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease in the body; it can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease. Regular massage therapy can reduce stress by relaxing your body and your mind.
  6. Massage helps you decompress and relieves feelings of depression, anxiety, and sadness.
  7. Therapeutic massage helps you heal from injury, even post-surgical injury; manipulating soft tissue can help break down constriction to movement.
  8. Massage can improve gut health. The natural process of converting raw materials we consume into energy is maximized when the body is adequately oxygenated.

But remember, these benefits can only impact the health of your body if massage becomes part of a preventive health care routine. A once-a-year treat will garner minimal benefits; however, your approach to wellness is holistic when implementing massage therapy alongside a program of regular exercise and good eating habits.

This International Women’s Day, make that remarkable woman in your life feel like a “Queen” for the day. Please think of how amazing she will feel after she’s received your gift. She will feel more energetic, full of life, and happier. And that means that everything and everyone around her will also feel that way because she will be sure to spread her joy and happiness to those around her whom she loves and cares for.


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