Boo and Happy Halloween

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Boo and Happy Halloween

#Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for kids and adults too. However, during these festive
times, we must pay attention to our body and its reaction to all the fun. For instance, do your
feet hurt when you take the kids out trick-or-treating? How about your endurance? Is it hard
to catch your breath while you’re walking? How quickly do you recover after you’ve sprinted
up a hill? Does your heart skip a beat? Can you easily carry on a conversation as you stroll
the streets of town? When you get home from a long day, do you feel exhausted and think
that your kid’s Halloween candy might help boost your energy?
The key to good health is moderation in all things. If you feel exhausted, in pain, crave
sugar, and lack a comprehensive wellness plan in your life, here are a few tips that can
quickly elevate your level of health and fitness. Read More…

10 Tips for a Healthier Happier Halloween:

1. Make sure to get enough sleep each night. Studies have shown that getting at least
7-9 hours of sleep improves cognitive function, increases energy, reduces stress,
and improves your attitude.
2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and always have it by your nightstand to
drink at night. The human body contains about 50-60% water. It is a vital nutrient
for the functioning of cells; it rids the body of toxic waste and metabolizes and
transports carbohydrates and proteins through the bloodstream.
3. Eat fresh and nutritious foods from the earth rather than boxed or canned goods. I
recommend shopping at Farmers’ Markets to find the freshest fruits and vegetables.
4. Avoid foods high in fats and simple sugars.
5. Daily exercise. You can walk, stretch, do Yoga, or lift weights. However, the best
approach to fitness is to find a personal trainer who can tailor a plan specific to your
abilities and needs.
6. Get massages regularly. Our muscles and joints need kneading and alignment to
release tightness and tension in the body.
7. Love a little. Pick up a baby and smell its sweetness and purity. Hug someone and
tell them you love them.
8. Spend time in nature each day, go to the beach or take a hike through the woods,
and take in the warmth of the Sun’s glow. Watch the stars at night and wonder
about the vastness of the heavens.
9. Put your phone away, read a good book, or watch a funny movie to lighten your
10. Meditate daily; plenty of online programs guide you through meditation techniques.
These easy-to-follow tips incorporated into your daily living result in beneficial outcomes for
your mind, body, and spirit. Practicing them regularly will help you gain a more fit body and
increase your alertness and energy levels.
At Absolute Best, we can help you streamline your wellness program to fit your schedule
and your health and wellness goals.

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