The Heart of the Matter

February Valentines Special studio shot

Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  We must never forget the power of love.  February is ‘Heart Awareness Month,’ and that’s why Absolute Best is extending its “couple’s massage” offer throughout the rest of this month.

The heart is the centerpiece for love.  Some might argue that the brain dominates and controls our nervous system; however, as recently as 1991, Dr. J. Andrew Armour’s research into heart health found evidence of a ‘little’ brain, a unique system of intrinsic cardiac nerves in the heart.  The heart comprises approximately 40,000 neurons, and this inherent cardiac nervous system sends more signals to the brain than vice versa.

Which comes first, the heart or the brain?  Although the neural tube develops the spine and brain stem during the first trimester of gestation, the heart is the first organ to form.  It stands to reason that we direct our brains to respond to the impulses of our hearts.  I believe that’s why we always place our hands on our hearts when we speak on matters of love.  The heart center, or chakra, beckons us to feel, connect with our emotions, know empathy, and embrace the essence of our Spiritual Nature.

Love is electric.  It is the energetic elixir that moves us towards one another.  It flows through our veins and empowers us to heal the world’s wounds.  It brings us together and harmonizes the multifaceted nature of humankind, and its energetic flow is meant to keep us growing and expanding into the highest forms of natural beings.  Once the heart stops beating and cuts off that energetic flow to the brain, life as we know it stops.

Part of Absolute Best’s mission is to raise awareness of the importance of health in general.  However, the main pump for perfect health is the heart.  It’s essential to fuel your body with foods that keep the arteries and veins open so the flow of blood can carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells.  Exercise helps strengthen and grow your heart muscle, increasing blood volume through the cardiovascular delivery system.  And, finally, the heart brings joy, a sensational warm glow over your body that lets you know there’s a purpose and a reason for your existence.

Scientific evidence supports our claim that treating yourself and your loved ones to soothing massages can decrease a body’s blood pressure and heart rate.  One of the leading causes of heart attacks is high blood pressure, when the heart must work overtime to push blood through your veins and arteries.   Medical science draws a direct correlation between heart health and longevity.

I believe a magnetic field of energy pulls and attracts us together as couples, families, and communities, which I like to call LOVE!  It is imperative that you do something to enhance your heart chakras today and every day if you want to improve your health.

If you haven’t reached out to book your couples massage, or if you want an individual massage, give us a call today at (310) 548-5984.  Your heart and your family will thank you.

Peace, love, namaste.


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