The Women in Our Lives

Women's History Month 2022

She’s a grandmother, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and confidant. She holds family and community close to her bosom and opens her heart to the world. Sometimes she is young and free, while other times, she is older and wiser. Regardless of age, race, creed, or economic diversity, the feminine aspect is the driving force behind humankind.

We depend on her energy to co-create, generate, and propagate our traditions, beliefs, and cultures.

Historically, we have celebrated the achievement of women during the month of March. However, we are proud of the women in our lives every day because of their many successes as nurturers, mentors, and protectors of our world.

We look to her instincts during dangerous times because she is a fierce protector. She represents the moral fabric of our world, and her feminine essence is what holds the constructs of our humanness together.

We have all felt the recent devastation of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Studies have shown that women have disproportionately been burdened with the role of caretaker, educator, and provider for our children during these times. However, they have led our families and communities through the deluge of misinformation, guided us through learning and development, and still have managed to “bring home the bacon!” They do all these things gladly, with grace from the heart.

We depend on her warm embrace to carry us through our emotional ups and downs. However, she sometimes needs to retreat, rejuvenate, and flush out what no longer serves her, a hibernation of sorts to return to her healthy and fully balanced energy of confidence and strength. Embrace and celebrate the #divinefeminine by giving her a gift certificate for a 2 for 1 special massage at the finest wellness center in San Pedro.

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Absolute Best offers an oasis of replenishment through regeneration, energetic balancing, and mini learning retreats away from the stresses of daily demands.  Whether you wish to keep it local in San Pedro or venture out to Costa Rica to our Private Retreat, you can balance and regenerate the divine feminine through massage, acupuncture, fitness, and chiropractic therapies.

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And, for those of you who want to delve deeper into the healing benefits of massage by touching upon the medicine woman within, Tammy LaMorte, our lead massage therapist, and Jessica Chapin, our COO, are hosting an educational massage retreat on September 9th, 2022 through the 11th, at the studio.

Learn ancient Vedic ways of Thai Bodywork in this 3-Day Workshop where the healing art is said to manifest instant positive results for both the recipient and healer.  Afterward, you will forever understand simple breathing and meditation, energetic centers of the body known as chakras, and therapeutic techniques designed to balance emotional and physical discomforts.

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