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Thousands of studies spanning five-plus decades link success directly to setting goals. Psychologist Edwin Locke concluded as much in his research dating back to 1968. And his seminal work in 1990 with Dr. Gary Lathum, “A Theory of Goal Setting and Task Performance,” spawned a movement of self-improvement through goal setting.

Since then, individual and company-driven cultures have expanded the creative planning process for a desired outcome. For instance, we at Absolute Best like to create vision boards. We cut and paste pictures of things, ideas, and accomplishments that we would like to manifest throughout the coming year as a team and as individuals. Then we place our canvas boards in a conspicuous space, reminding us of our hopes and dreams.

How do you set yourself up for success? Do you set goals and find that your willpower peters out before February? There is no reason to doubt yourself if that happens. Thousands of paths lead to greatness. The secret to success is twofold; you must know yourself and have a G.P.S. (global positioning system;) in other words, understand who you are and where you are going. Goals must fit you like a glove, match your physical and mental abilities and be measurable and targeted.

In my book, “I AM,” Imagination, Action, Memorization, The Way to You Absolute Best, I share the guidance system known as S.M.A.R.T. developed by George T. Doran in his writing for Management Magazine in 1981. The acronym stands for smart, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and targeted.

Let me explain further:

S = Specific. You must have a clearly defined goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, how much do you want to lose? Is it five, ten, fifteen pounds, or more? What is your specific goal for weight loss?

M = Measurable. It’s important to know you are making progress. You must backtrack and start a new path if you choose the wrong one. And, when you see that you are closing in on point B, your destination, and conclude you are moving further away from point A, where you started, that measurement of success gives you hope and promise that you will reach your goal. If we believe we can, we will; however, the tangible proof is an essential ingredient for motivation.

A = Action-oriented. Energy is a must to create and expand what we want to manifest in this dimension. The use of movement and force within time and space will display tangible forms. In other words, you must “do” something to make things happen. Visualization is a great way to stimulate the imagination; however, by actively energizing those thoughts, that vision will take form, shape, and tangibility.

R = Realistic. If you plan to lose ten pounds, how long do you believe it will take to achieve that goal? One day? That is “un”-realistic. Science has confirmed that it’s best to lose weight slowly and gradually. On average, the healthiest weight to lose is one and one-half pounds per week. You can “realistically” expect to lose 10 pounds over several weeks.

T = Target. When will you reach your goal? How much time will you give yourself from point A to point B? Let’s review the example of losing ten pounds. Science tells us that ~3500 calories equal one pound of fat. Seven days are in one week, so if you burn or eliminate ~500 calories each day, you may lose those ten pounds within ten weeks*. Look at a calendar, count ten weeks from today, and circle that date. That is your “target.”

What do you say? Is 2023 the year that those lofty goals and dreams come true? Please call our front desk and set up an appointment with one of our health practitioners to help guide you through your goal-setting process.

Remember, we are offering 15% off on ALL our services throughout January. Hurry, February is around the corner; if you have that burning desire to make this your year, call us today at (310) 548-5984 or click here and make an appointment.

*(Please note that many variables will impede or accelerate these results, like, your metabolism changing as you decrease or increase caloric intake and exercise. Talk to your fitness and nutritional experts for a deeper understanding of how the metabolism responds to a caloric deficit as you begin a healthy eating and exercise program.)

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